VASTreaming supplies all kinds of streaming end points, including servers, publishers, and clients:

Streaming server is an easy to use, all-in-one solution for a server application tailored to customer needs. There are both single and multi-protocol servers available. Server can be scaled to work on a high performance environment, such as cloud streaming server, as well as on a very low performance devices, such as Raspberry Pi.

Video/audio capture in conjunction with a client streaming to a remote server (or in other words, publishing) allows you to automate the the process of streaming to any streaming provider, be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or anything else.

Playback client suitable for both off-screen and on-screen reception allows you to receive and watch live streams via any modern streaming protocol. On-screen reception is provided as an UI component, specific for each platform, along with video and audio renderers. One of the features that makes our product outstanding is a low latency which can be critical for such applications as surveillance, game streaming etc.

VASTreaming provides components for a variety of streaming protocols. Both server and client functionalities are supported when possible. Refer to each protocol page for a detailed description of functionality.

We're constantly expanding the functionality of existing protocols and implementing new ones. If you don't find a streaming protocol you're interested in then don't hesitate to contact us, we'll consider an implementation possibility.

In order to extend flexibility and functionality of our solutions, VASTreaming provides in-house implementation of readers/writers for the following file formats:

In addition to that we have a powerful playlist functionality to virtualize access to one or more files and treat it as a single seamless entity. Also, we provide various utilities for .MP4 files, such as file concatenation, cutting etc.

Moreover, VASTreaming provides a set of media processing features which can be utilized on both client and server ends.

Our video processor allows mixing of one or more input sources into a single output in realtime. Input source can be a live stream, video capture, file, image or text. This functionality is available in mobile and desktop client applications as well as in cloud server apps.

Accordingly, our audio processor gives you an ability to mix one or more audio sources into a single output in realtime. Input source can be a live stream, audio capture or file.

Another important audio feature is the echo cancellation. It is very handy if you are going to use our libraries for two-way communication services.

The last but not least is encoding/decoding functionality. By default, VASTreaming utilizes native platform decoders and encoders. However, there are plenty of cases when it is not enough. For such scenarios we provide an optional FFmpeg wrapper seamlessly integrated into our engine.

Supported Platforms

We provide our components for a number of platforms and development environments

New Features

We’re constantly extending our libraries to support new protocols, codecs and features. And we’re happy to extend our library functionality to your special needs as well. Contact us to discuss the conditions, time and pricing.

New Platforms

If you need a streaming library for a platform/programming language/development environment which is not supported yet, then please contact us and we’ll consider the feasibility of such implementation.

New Projects

If you have any streaming, encoding, decoding, media processing project and would like to outsource it to us, then we gladly consider such opportunity.

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customizable source code

Source Code

best choice library

$2500 / single library

  • Lifetime license
  • You’re free to use the library in as many projects as you need
  • You’re free to modify and customize the library source

The following restrictions apply:

  • You’re are not allowed to publish the library source code openly or use it in any open source projects.

  • You’re not allowed to re-sell the library itself in a binary or a source code form. It can be sold as a part of your own project only.

binary library package


$59 / single library / year

  • Subscription must be extended every year for the library to keep working
  • Library requires occasional internet connection to validate license

$250 / single library / lifetime

  • Lifetime license without expiration
  • No online license validation necessary

The following restrictions apply:

  • If binary is provided as an OS executable file, for example .DLL, then you must keep this file as is in your distributable package. Any modifications to manufacturer, copyright and other strings are not allowed.

  • If binary is provided as a static library, then VASTreaming copyright notice must be included into your license file.

free library support


Library purchase gives you one year of free support.

  • Technical assistance for the integration into your project

  • Quick fix to any found bugs and issues

  • You’ll have access to any updates and improvements released to a purchased library within one year

  • Extension of technical support is possible for additional fee which is calculated as 10% of a price of your purchase for every additional year of support

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