RTMP library can work as a RTMP client (to receive a stream from a RTMP server), a RTMP publisher (to send an event or live stream to a RTMP server) or a RTMP server (to broadcast to a RTMP clients).


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RTSP library can work as a RTSP client (to receive a stream from a RTSP server), a RTSP publisher (to send an event or live stream to a RTSP server) or a RTSP server (to broadcast to a RTSP clients). RTSP library includes RTP library. RTP library can work independently from the main RTSP library to receive stream as RTP client or send stream as RTP server via unicast/multicast UDP.


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Transport stream parser library can be used as an independent library to parse transport stream received by any mean, for example read from a file or received from an UDP multicast. Also library can be used to generate transport stream for further use.


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HLS library can work as a HLS client (to receive a stream from a HLS server) or a HLS server (to broadcast to a HLS clients).


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We’re constantly extending our libraries to support new protocols, codecs and features. And we’re happy to extend our library functionality to your special needs as well. Contact us to discuss the conditions, time and pricing.

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If you need a streaming library for a platform/programming language/development environment which is not supported yet, then please contact us and we’ll consider the feasibility of such implementation.

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If you have any streaming, encoding, decoding, media processing project and would like to outsource it to us then we gladly consider such opportunity.

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$2000 / single library

  • No connection limitation
  • You’re free to use the library in as many projects as you need
  • You’re free to modify and customize the library source
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$50 / single library

  • Limited to a number of simultaneously active connections
  • Minimal price allows you to run up to 100 connections
  • Every additional connection costs $0.50
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The following restrictions apply:

  • You’re are not allowed to publish the library source code openly or use it in any open source projects.

  • You’re not allowed to re-sell the library itself in a binary or a source code form. It can be sold as a part of your own project only.

The following restrictions apply:

  • If binary is provided as an OS executable file, for example .DLL, then you must keep this file as is in your distributable package. Any modifications to manufacturer, copyright and other strings are not allowed.

  • If binary is provided as a static library, then VASTreaming copyright notice must be included into your license file.


Library purchase gives you one year of free support.

  • Technical assistance for the integration into your project

  • Quick fix to any found bugs and issues

  • You’ll have access to any updates and improvements released to a purchased library within one year

  • Extension of technical support is possible for additional fee which is calculated as 10% of a price of your purchase for every additional year of support

Andrey Velikanov / Founder, CEO and lead developer

He has extensive experience in multimedia related development during a period of more than 10 years.
He has been making a highly robust and flexible systems for all layers of multimedia production.

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