Video Processing Features


VASTreaming library provides the ability to mix multiple video, image and text sources into a single output stream in realtime. The following input sources are supported:

User can add to or delete sources from a mixer on the fly without interrupting output video stream. Source can appear in an output video momentarily or user can choose a fade in animation for that. The same stands for disappearance - a source can disappear momentarily or via fade out animation. The following parameters can also be modified on the fly for each source independently:

The mixer supports creating a multi-resolution output stream, i.e., it creates several video streams with the same content but different resolution. This feature mostly makes sense for server applications to provide adaptive streaming via HLS or MPEG-DASH protocols.


The video mixer is available for client applications, e.g. for capture and publishing to a server. In such scenario, user controls the library via its own code.

But the mixer is also available for server applications and can be a part of our multi-protocol server. In this case, it can be controlled via a user code or via JSON API.

Although it is important to note that the video mixer utilizes OpenGL and requires GPU for proper hardware acceleration. This is true for both client and server applications.


VASTreaming video mixer feature is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. The library exists in the following languages/frameworks:

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