Utilities and other file features


If user wants to present multiple files as a single seamless source and/or to use only a part of a file, then one can utilize a playlist feature for that purpose. See the documentation page for detailed explanation of this feature.

MP4 Utilities

VASTreaming library provides user with several utilities for manipulating mp4 files directly from a user code.

AudioMixer allows mixing audio tracks of two or more mp4 files into one output audio track. Video is copied from the first source file.

Concatenator - a utility for splicing of two or more mp4 files. It is also can be used for cutting one file if user sets only one file as a parameter and indicates start and end timestamps for this file.

ImageExtractor is intended for extracting of an image from a previously set position of an original mp4 file and saving it as a JPEG image.

VideoMixer is intended for mixing source mp4 file with one or more images including animated images e.g., GIFs.

See the documentation page for details.

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